Becoming A Part

Rather than demanding a list of requirements prior to joining, LTW asks that potential team members are simply willing to commit. As an example, when Jesus called His disciples, he only asked them to follow. These young men were then posed with a choice, a sacrifice, and a potential for positive change. Jesus did not choose men already mature in God, but those willing to grow and to be challenged.

Fall Festival, October 2017

Fall Festival, October 2017

Basic Requirements for Membership

  • Genuine desire to learn and grow spiritually

  • Session 2-day training camp and weekly practice

  • Commitment Form completed online.

  • Medical and liability release forms need to be signed.

  • Participation in Bible studies, presentations, service projects, and fundraisers with attitudes that reflect Jesus Christ.

Two Teams with the Same Focus

It is is exciting to announce that this winter LTW will begin a new challenge for young people who are interested in deepening their faith. Each group meeting will include: in-depth Bible study learning to dive in for themselves to find truth, service projects to increase a heart for others and the lost, and mime/drama work to present in public places as an evangelism tool.

Ages 12- high school Wednesday, 1:45pm - 5:00pm begins with training camp in January

Ages 8-11 Tuesday, 2:00pm - 4:00pm begins meeting in February

organiing a shelter for a women’s shelter, Dover 2019

organiing a shelter for a women’s shelter, Dover 2019

Want more info?

Read the Team Orientation sheet.

Contact the directors any time.


Forms Needed

Team Commitment Form click here.

Medical Liability Release Form completed and signed by parents