Leadership is called to serve and seek God's path for Louder Than Words.


Board of Directors

Louder Than Words is a federally determined 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with a ruling board of like-minded members to which the directors submit.

  • John Huber, president

  • Susan Huber

  • Cyndie Moody

  • Harold Kropf

  • Sharon Kropf

  • Dave Brown

  • Sue Brown

dave and sue Brown

dave and sue Brown

courtney krause, mission fundraiser 2018

courtney krause, mission fundraiser 2018

Team Directors

The team is organized and lead by those with a heart for discipleship and those ready to commit to the teens on the team. Directors do the preparation for each session, develop curriculum and presentation line ups, lead practice and Bible study as well as seek time to be in the team's lives, drawing them to the Lord.

Dave and Sue Brown are the full-time directors of Louder Than Words and have been since 2011. Courtney Krause has been directing for several years and has a passion for presentation and discipleship.

Assistant Directors

Assistant directors are young adults that have graduated from high school and volunteer to serve LTW weekly. They will lead practice, mentor during LOL, and have greater responsibility.

Lead Team

These are more experienced members of the team ready for leadership opportunities. Responsibilities include: attending Lead Team meetings before practice, mentoring during Life on Life, and a rotation of team responsibilities. They will be expected to model the team standards for the other students, and are given authority to enforce standards. Training camp will be two hours longer to facilitate specific training. One Lead Team member may be asked to serve on the LTW Board of Directors, representing the team.