Three Pillars of LTW

In order to activate faith, Louder Than Words adds each of these elements into the ministry. Each team member commits to be a part of these with a Christ-like, outward focus. It is all to shine Jesus into the world and to increase the team members faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

greensboro, nc; xpression 2019

greensboro, nc; xpression 2019


Bible Study

Each session will have a themed Bible study. The goal is to encourage each one to participate in the Bible Study and to create an atmosphere where we hunger for God’s Word.

Life on Life

The purpose of LOL (Life on Life) is to develop small group relationships that provide accountability and create an authentic community ready to serve together.  Based on Jesus’ relationship with His disciples, Life on Life is designed so that those who are more experienced in their walk with the Lord may walk beside, encourage, teach, empower and hold accountable those whom God has placed under them.

washington dc; xpression 2019

washington dc; xpression 2019


Louder Than Words is not like a sports team that only learns a skill. Instead we use drama to boldly share the Gospel in the world.  Our hearts are prepared by Bible study, so the dramatic presentation of the Gospel comes from the heart.  LTW will intentionally seek to reach the public.

Truly loving our community is not just "lip-service", but it is speaking (or in our case "miming") the truth with actions. Because... "Actions speak Louder Than Words."

Arrowhead Bible camp, pa; 2019

Arrowhead Bible camp, pa; 2019


A steady diet of “service” will be emphasized because Christ was the ultimate servant. 

Getting our hands dirty and being willing to work in any capacity keeps us from expectations of getting paid back for our projects. We learn not to "be ourselves", but to die to ourselves. Luke 9:23

The director will keep track of individual of service hours to count for Delaware volunteerism high school credit.