Xpression Team Mission Trip

The purpose of LTW Mission Trips is a time of intentional spiritual growth away from the distractions of life.  It is an intense time of digging into God’s Word, service to others for Jesus’ sake and presenting the Gospel.  Success is seeing teens activate their faith.

Xpression 2020 will make a loop through the Midwest stopping for a week at The Voice of the Martyrs in OK. The tentative dates are May 22 - June 19, 2020.

Watch our video from last year...

Camp ridgedale, tn; xpression 2019

Camp ridgedale, tn; xpression 2019

Fast Facts:

  • The cost- TBA (airfare not included)

  • The route of the trip will include eastern US and midwest.

  • Each trip includes: a week of service at The Voice of the Martyrs, Bartlesville, OK and about ten other stops

  • Daily Bible study as a team and development of a Bible study to teach

  • School work accountability

Who:       7-9 members age 14 and above, plus two directors

What to do: complete online application form below

Forms and letters to work on: (subject to change in 2020)

The next part of the preparation is:

Send all printed forms to LTW address: 12071 Willow Grove Road, Wyoming, DE 19934

All three forms and tuition need to be to the LTW address by …

The Voice of the martyrs, OK, 2019

The Voice of the martyrs, OK, 2019

greensboro, nc; Xpression 2019

greensboro, nc; Xpression 2019

Final Prep: (subject to change in 2020)

The last part has to do with what you learned at the Mission Team conference call meeting. The resources for the study and workshop are for everyone. You are welcome to view them all! There is an link to the Bible study and resources on how to teach your workshop class. Also, read the WHY for each class- this should be emphasized in your lesson.

If there are any questions, please contact us!


Paperwork you will need to download for the meeting:

  • Orientation Sheet

  • Life on the Road

  • School

  • Team Packing List

  • Intro to workshop

  • Song our team will teach

  • Class 1 -4

  • Bible study prep